Just got my Lavario and did one wash so far. I found it to be super easy to use and my clothes were just as clean as if I had done them in an electric washer. This saves money and actually saves time if you are doing small loads. I am waiting for my spinner to come and then I will be trying towels and larger items. I washed my son and my cotton shirts and underwear. His five T shirts, my three lightweight cotton shirts, his two pairs underwear and my three pair in one load. It was not too much in the basket and didn't constrict the ability for the clothes to get clean. I used half of the detergent that Lavario sent in the box with the product. My clothes were very soft and smelled good. Didn't leave a lot of suds after the rinse cycle...I HIGHLY recommend this product. The people at the company are very helpful and nice. Can't say enough good things about this. This is what you want if you are off grid or camping or if you just want something that will save on electric and water! When I have done more washes I may come back for additional info. - Diana A, Pahoa, HI

I am very happy with the results in washing my cloths using the Lavario Portable Clothes Washer. I have well water which can sometimes get very low and I like the ability to use less water and knowing my cloths are getting clean. I had emailed questions upon receiving my washer and was impressed with how quickly my questions were answered, excellent customer service. Thank you Lavario for making a great product. - Chris C, Chepachet RI

I want to thank you for creating such a well-constructed, durable, and eco-friendly product! I have a conventional washing machine but prefer to use my Lavario. I use less water, and I feel my clothing will last longer using this method. My clothing is actually cleaner using this than my conventional washer. I feel self-sufficient, and actually look forward to using it! Thanks again. I may be an urban-dweller, so off-grid is not an option, but I feel by adopting some off grid methods in my personal lifestyle, maybe I can help the environment in my own little way. I plan to spread the word, and have already tried to convince my dorm-dwelling college family members to consider it in order to save money, time and dreaded trips to the Laundromat. Many blessings! - Heather D, Chicago IL

I received my new portable washing machine and I love it. I had a small competitors product and was not elated. The set up was easy, just attach the handle. I use it for everything from dresses, delicates, bedding, and slides. I'm so excited from ease of use to environmental footprint. This is truly a life saver. Thank you. I love your product and it's at an affordable price. Highly recommend it! - Dawn K, Buffalo NY

We love it! The size is perfect and will fit in our tow vehicle or trailer very easily. We shall use this for extended trips with our trailer. Looks well manufactured. - D Allen, Saint Charles MO

The washer arrived for pick up on our first day of camping. My husband got grease on his shorts from the trailer hitch and it was a perfect trial run for the Lavario. I am now on the 3 trial run with towels and more than happy with this purchase! - Joan W, Blaine WA

I recently purchased The Lavario Portable Clothes Washer. It worked out perfect for what I wanted it for. Yes, I have a Washer and Dryer but I could never see the point of running both for 90 minutes to clean three or six articles of clothing after going to the gym or a run. This is definitely the ideal tool for your light-type workout attire. Easy to wash, easy to dry… perfect. I highly recommend this product. It works so good I purchased another unit for my daughter. Thx Lavario! - Monti S, Elgin IL

Love my Lavario. Bought it to wash washable potty pads for puppies. I put the pads in bucket for pre-soak overnight. Then wash them the next day. No urine odor remaining, the pup is doing much better with house breaking. Thank you. Washing the pads in the laundry facilities here in the apartment building was like feeding a slot machine. Even after numerous consecutive washings they still were not odor free. Very pleased with Lavario. - Nita M, Topeka KS

I own a small restaurant and use the Lavario to wash kitchen towels and aprons. It does a very good job of cleaning what are often heavily soiled loads. It is well constructed and simple to use. I expect that the optional fill and drain hose accessories would prove useful in camping or RV situations. To me it is well worth the investment and I highly recommend it. - Tom M, Pawcatuck, CT

This has been a life-saver and cost-saver. I live in NYC in a small East Village apartment. I work 10-hour days and go to the gym several times a week. It’s very difficult for me to make time to do laundry and when I do it’s a royal pain to walk my laundry bag 10 blocks from my apartment and wait around so no one steals my clothes. Never mind the expense to do laundry these days and having to horde quarters all week. This portable clothes washer is fantastic! I can now do laundry right from my apartment any time convenient for me. I have tried others but this one actually works and allows me to do a decent size load of laundry. I’ve already paid for it by saving trips to the laundromat. I’m really happy with Lavario. - John B, NYC

I got the Lavario washer yesterday afternoon. Thank you! The grandkids had fun helping me try it out. My daughter-in-law likes it so much she will be getting one soon to wash cloth diapers. - Charlotte H, Sheridan OR

I workout 4 - 5 times per week and Lavario is great for my workout clothes - performance shorts, shirts and socks. Lavario quickly cleans my gear thoroughly - then I hang dry. My workout clothes are clean and good to go! Saves me time and multiple trips to the laundry! Great portable washer! - Holly C, North Haledon NJ

Received the washer today and it is very cool! Works great. Plan to take in our RV the first week of August and plan to show to many people. Thanks again! - Peggy E, Macomb MI

I am a nurse and I have been searching for a way to thoroughly wash my scrubs separately from the rest of my laundry! Lavario has been an awesome solution. I use it almost every day because I need my scrubs clean and ready for the next morning. I especially love this product because you can really personalize everything - the amount of water used, the water temperature, the rigor of wash, and plus - it saves electricity. Thank you for finally getting me the product I needed! - Meredith S, Fairfield, CT

I live in a small third floor apartment. When I first moved in I would schlep my laundry and detergent down 3 flights of stairs to the dark, dank basement laundry room only to find that 9 times out of 10 the machines were already in use. Time to schlep everything back upstairs.  When I was fortunate enough to find the machines open, they were so nasty I think my clothes were cleaner before I washed them! After a few months of that, I started going to a Laundromat instead. Still carrying my clothes and detergent around but at least I could find an open machine and I felt my clothes were actually getting clean. However, my purse wasn’t so happy. I never realized just how expensive it was to do your laundry at a Laundromat!! One day while ranting to my mom about my laundry woes, she said she had just seen an ad for Lavario in a magazine. I checked it out and decided to give it a try and I couldn’t be happier!! I can do my laundry right at home whenever I want, no more schlepping stuff up and down stairs, it’s super easy to use, my clothes come out clean and it pays for itself by not having to go to the Laundromat anymore!! Thank you Lavario! - Meghan S, West Hartford CT

My family has a mid-size power boat.  We love to spend our summer weekends on the boat at the beach.  Our boat has a cabin for dining and sleeping plus a small kitchen and bathroom.  However, I never had a way to do laundry on the boat.  I'm so happy that I found Lavario!  Now, I'm able to wash bathing suits, T-shirts, shorts, even towels all while the boat is at the beach!  I don't even need electricity!  And, the bucket does double-duty as a hamper storing the dirty clothes until I'm ready to wash them.  I used to come home from a weekend away with a ton of sandy, wet laundry to do.  But, now I come home with fresh clean clothes ready for our next beach getaway. Thank you, Lavario! - Sophie G, Greenport NY

I saw this in Trailer Life and bought one. I live off grid in AZ and have been using a plunger type device with holes and a bucket. This works much better. Not as hard to use as I thought it might be. - Maddie T, Scottsdale AZ

I love my new Lavario!!!! I live in a cabin and it’s the perfect alternative for me rather than going to the dreaded laundromat all the time. thank you! - Samantha R, Lincoln NH

I wanted to let you know that I received the 2 Lavario washers that I ordered, and I like them. I had reservations about the rigidity / strength of the washing basket handle, but seeing all of the ribbing and doing a dry run cycling put me at ease.  These are going to work great in my RV and at home cold-washing Irish wool sweaters without “freezing my fingers off.” Great invention, and I have no doubt it will do well! - Jeff H, Kent OH

We bought this for all of our furry friends blankets and towels etc. We have 4 rescue dogs, 3 cats, an African grey and a bearded dragon. It has proven to be a winner, it’s so easy and fast to use! - Deedra K, Portland ME

I recently purchased this for our daughter. She lives off campus and does not have a washing machine. It is a wonderful way for her not to bring home a months worth of laundry for me to do. She uses it in between visits to home. What a great buy! I highly recommend it for anyone that is looking for a portable clothes washer. - Tina S, Rockville MD

I received and used my new washer and am very satisfied. It is very sturdy and easy to use.  - J Foster, Monticello AR

We have been searching for a portable clothes washer for our RV and we got Lavario and the RV kit from their website. Happy to say that we are very pleased with how easy it works and cleans our clothes so well. - Roger D, Fredericksburg TX

Having served with the Peace Corps in Botswana where water is precious & we did most things by hand [clothes washing, haircuts, pizza (using the yeast in beer), etc.]. I was naturally attracted to Lavario for the resource preservation feature. How nice to be able to control both your water usage and washing time as I’ve always found washing machines too destructive on my clothes. Totally satisfied with the cleaning quality, love the options of water usage, washing time (both length and 24/7 access) & usefulness for non-clothes items (my sneakers, sleeping bag, tent, winter jacket, etc.). Thumbs up! - Jay L. Westerly RI